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We are ultimately just custodians of this great sport, and it is our duty to pass it on to the next generation in as healthy a state as possible.

Flood social media with positive messages about the racing and breeding industry and to use the hardworking people behind the scenes to do it.


Provide a bridge between newcomers to the sport and the people who are the backbone of the industry—a link so that they have the opportunity to ask the questions they have always wanted to know the answers to but never had anyone to ask.



 The objective of Thoroughbred Tales is to promote horseracing to a wider audience through the people actually working behind the scenes in the racing and breeding industry. This global social media project centres mainly around Twitter, but also features Facebook and Instagram accounts, with different industry professionals from around the racing and breeding world guest hosting for a week at a time. We aim to showcase the dedication of staff in all areas of the industry and the high level of care given to Thoroughbreds at every stage of their lives.

Thoroughbred Tales founder Sally Ann Grassick explained “The team behind Thoroughbred Tales are all racing professionals and the future of our industry is something we all felt very passionate about. There had been a lot in the media about showing racing off in a better light to the public. We were particularly inspired by the American social media initiative #IAmHorseRacing and an article by American racing broadcaster and former jockey Donna Brothers, which featured a call to arms for people in racing to flood social media with positive posts about racing rather than the negativity we see around major meetings like the Grand National. After speaking with many industry professionals, we felt that it was time to take things into our own hands through the medium of social media, so we launched Thoroughbred Tales in November 2019.

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"We were delighted with the early response; over 600 Twitter followers in our first weekend and multiple offers from people in all areas of racing and breeding to guest host the account. Since then the Thoroughbred Tales extended family of followers and past hosts as well as our own team have continued to grow. We have listened to what our fans want and are proud to have recently launched our own YouTube channel, which features collections of Tweets from each of our past guest hosts, and a podcast, where we aim to discover more about the current week’s guest host. We are also very proud to have recently created Thoroughbred Tales INSPIRE, a safe place online for the younger generation of racing fans to meet like-minded people, chat all things racing and breeding as well as propose their own ideas about the future of Thoroughbred Tales and the industry in general."

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